─ Tour & Workshops ─

Nanamagari Craftsmens Workshop Tour
- Artistic Immersion Experiences-

We will take you to the artisans’ workshops for a first-hand look at some of the ultimate forms of Japanese artistry. It’s a rare opportunity for a wonderful experience, so join us now to feel and touch the very essence of Japanese craftsmanship. It’s also a terrific chance to converse with our craftsmen about the passion and technique they put into their work. You may request in advance the specific type of craft you would like to see on this tour (must be in advance).

Workshop Tour1 Workshop Tour2

Hands-on Experience - Enjoy Being Creative! -

In this tour, you will get a deeper understanding of Japanese craft by entering the creation process in a hands-on workshop. You will try one of three craft types: Urushi lacquered chopsticks, gold leafing, or makie gold powdering. Your work will be a wonderful memory to take back with you. This is a brief one-hour tour so it is well suited for a busy travel schedule. Preferences for craft type are considered upon advance request (must be in advance)

Gold Leafing Workshop(s)

Gold leaf push (paste gold leaf on metal fittings)
Size: 11.5 cm from side to side
You will choose one from the 12 zodiac, the crane and the turtle.

Makie Workshop(s)

Makie (with frame and stand)
Size: Blackboard 12 cm square,Frame 14 cm square
We prepare a sketch of the seasonal flowers.
It is OK to draw free-handed favorite pictures.
You can write your name and date.


Gold Leafing Workshop

Gold Leafing1 Gold Leafing2
Gold Leafing3A mere 0.0001 milimetres in thickness, gold leaf is so delicate that it will fly away in a breeze. In our gold leafing workshop we only use real, fine gold leaf.In this workshop, you will apply gold leaf onto a copper plate ornament.


Gold Leafing4

Makie Gold Powdering

makie1 makie2

In this workshop we create makie (lit. sprinkled picture) using a special brush to apply lacquer, and sprinkle gold powder on it just before it dries.After selecting a basic image to work from, you will sketch your design, apply the lacquer, then add gold powder coating by dabbing it onto the adhesive lacquer.



Lacquered Chopsticks Workshop

Painting1Take home your very own, original pair of chopsticks! Polish a pair of lacquer-painted chopsticks with sandpaper. As the chopsticks are polished, the quality of the lacquer changes, and you can see the colours brighten before your eyes.



Tour & Workshop Schedule

13:00~13:30 Please arrive by 1:30 pm. (parking available)
13:30~13:45 Introduction to Butsudan crafts
13:45~14:30 Walk to one of three craftsmen s shops (gold-leafing, lacquering, & ornaments) and watch their work
14:30~15:30 Workshop of your chosen craft (options: gold leafing, makie gold powdering, or lacquered chopsticks).
15:30~ Conclusion. If you have time, please join us afterward for some tea and friendly conversation.
  • English interpretation available
  • Single attendees are also welcome
  • Tours must be scheduled 1 week in advance
  • If you have tour/workshop preferences, please tell us when scheduling
  • Closed: Tuesdays, winter holidays, GW (early May), Obon (mid Aug)

【Tour Rates】 Rate per Person(tax included)

No. of Participants workshop tour & craft experience workshop tour only craft experience only
1 ¥27,500 ¥6,875 ¥20,625
2 ¥15,400 ¥3,850 ¥11,550
3 ¥11,330 ¥2,833 ¥8,498
4 ¥9,350 ¥2,338 ¥7,013
5 ¥8,140 ¥2,035 ¥6,105
6 ¥7,590 ¥1,898 ¥5,693
7 ¥7,260 ¥1,815 ¥5,445
8 ¥6,930 ¥1,733 ¥5,198
9 ¥6,710 ¥1,678 ¥5,033
10~ ¥6,490 ¥1,623 ¥4,868

Note: If there are 11 or more participants , the price per person will be the same as for 10 participants.