Lacquered Chopsticks Workshop


  1. Choose a set of chopsticks to work on
  2. Wet its surfaces with a cloth and sand down through the colored lacquer layers with the coarse sandpaper.
    Wipe water off from the surface and check sanded pattern occasionally.

    Please be cautious when sanding the chopsticks’ edges; if you sand them too much, the base wood will appear and it is no longer correctable once this happens. You may also sand the top of the chopsticks if you like.
  3. When you reach a desired surface pattern, change to a fine grit sandpaper and sand as in step 2 above.
  4. To achieve a glossier look, use even finer sandpaper and continue the same procedure as above.
    In this process, you do not sand the surfaces any further, but rather only polish them up a little for a shiny appearance.
  5. Wipe moisture or dirt off from the surface with cloth. Now, take a small portion of rubbing compound on the cloth and further polish up the surface for the final gloss finish.
  6. Done!